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Plukme! is where people come to discover what’s happening.

With over 10K Story being sent each day, hundreds of thousands of people are exploring Story, Splash, Video and Moments to find out more about what’s new. Whether you’re a CEO strengthening their personal brand, a retailer promoting new products, a mobile app company hoping to get downloads, or just a hustler who wants more followers and likes — Plukme unique discovery mindset allows businesses and brands to connect with a relevant, engaged audience.

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You can get even more likes, amplify your message, and get more people talking about the things that matter to you most — your cause, project, business, or brand.

50% of people are more likely to post opinions about products and brands on Plukme!

  • Promote your Story, Splash, Video, Banner and maximize your reach.
  • Promote your Story, Splash, Video, Banner and get more engagement.
  • Promote your account and grow your Plukme! follower.
  • Promote your Website and get more traffic.
  • Promote your Mobile App and get more downloads.

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A guide to using Plukme as a business. Start with the basics, then learn how to advertise on Plukme


Me!Ads objective based campaigns are designed to help you achieve results that drive action and add value to your business. Create campaigns tailored for a variety of business goals, from driving website traffic to increasing brand awareness

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